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7 Kitchen Design Trends to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel in 2021

Year after year, the one constant among design trends has always been change. And 2021 will be no different. After the hectic year that was 2020, many homeowners are seeking out kitchen designs that are functional and comfortable in addition to being stylish. These days, our kitchens are the command center of our homes. They’re more than just the place where we make every meal. They’ve become our family rooms, offices, study halls, Zoom stations, and more, making it an ideal space to invest in this year.

We’ve come to expect a lot more out of our kitchen spaces these days. This trend toward a multi-faceted space is expected to develop and flourish into the new year and beyond. In today’s blog from Twin Brook Construction, we’ll look at seven of the biggest trends we expect to see for kitchens in 2021.

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Open Shelving

Open, floating shelves are one of the best ways to show off your most favorite heirlooms, antiques, and kitchenware. It’s also one of the most practical, as it allows you to easily see through your storage, making it easy to find whatever you’re looking for. Just remember to dust and clean your items more frequently since they won’t have those cabinet doors to keep them free from the elements!


No longer just a backsplash, tiles are being used all over modern kitchen spaces. For a fresh, new look, try using them along a wall from floor to ceiling as an accent wall. Using tiles like this will create more visual interest and is an excellent way to add further layering to your space while still maintaining a neutral look that many people love.

Modern Dark Kitchens

Black isn’t just an accent color anymore. Many homeowners are saying goodbye to the all-white kitchen in favor of a darker, moodier vibe. You’ll see dark kitchen countertops, black walls, cabinetry, and work surfaces with this trendy and modern aesthetic. And for a luxurious and inviting look, go with black cabinets and commit to a contemporary approach by nixing those upper cabinets in favor of sleek natural wood open shelving for a bit of a homey charm.

Secondary Kitchens

Sculleries, butler’s pantries, mudrooms, utility rooms—no matter what you call these ancillary spaces, they are a means to house everyday essentials away from the central kitchen. These status symbol spaces are on many consumers’ wish lists. They are a great way to keep your central kitchen looking tidy and clean while the secondary spaces hold the less pretty (but very functional) items just out of sight to our living spaces.

Handless Design

One of the biggest design trends for 2021 is handless kitchen cabinetry and touchless faucets. Thanks to contemporary designs and technological advances in push-open close doors, it’s becoming increasingly more common to see consumers dispense with handles in their cabinetry. This popular minimalist kitchen cabinet trend provides a clean-lined, seamless aesthetic to the look of your home kitchen.

Large Islands

As the trend moves toward bigger, open-plan, modern kitchens and spaces, islands are becoming crucial. Large islands are a staple of the post-pandemic kitchen, as are multi-level islands. Islands not only increase your prep and storage space but also add a bit more character to your room. Doubling up and having a pair of island units in your kitchen is also an option if you have an excess of space available to you.

Increased Storage Pantries

Homeowners are spending more and more time at home these days, and with that comes an increased need for storage space in their kitchens. Having a large or walk-in pantry is increasingly a must-have in the home. Pantries offer homeowners the ideal storage space to keep all the food goods in one place. They also help reduce the need for a lot of cabinetry, allowing for more organization. This way, your kitchen can be the clutter-free, family command center of your dreams.

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