A dark red door complements the home's brick path and white siding.

How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Front Door Replacement

If your current front door is aging, letting in drafts, or just doesn’t match the aesthetic of your home, it’s time to consider a door replacement. Your exterior door is arguably one of the first aspects of your home a visitor sees, so you want it to match your home’s style and be functional as well.

While there are many door manufacturers to choose from, here at Twin Brook Construction, we exclusively use Marvin doors for new door installation or replacement. With plenty of beautiful designs and color options, you can’t go wrong with Marvin products! Like their windows, Marvin doors are high-quality and provide energy efficiency to help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Neighborhood Restrictions

Before falling in love with a new door style and color, you must check on any local or neighborhood restrictions. Some communities, especially those subject to a homeowner’s association (HOA), may have restrictions on door colors. Knowing this information will help you make a more informed choice before deciding on a new door.

Front Entry Considerations

Before choosing a color that appeals to you, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Depending on your situation, it may change the color scheme you explore for your next front door.

Timeless Choices

If you’re planning on changing the whole exterior of your home in a few years, you may want to stick with more neutral colors, like brown, black, or gray. These colors will stand the test of time and can adapt to nearly any style you choose for the exterior of your home.

If you plan on selling in the next few years, having a neutral color door—especially black—can increase a home’s value by more than $6,000, according to Zillow.

Front Entry Lighting

Another item to consider about your front entry is how much natural light it receives. If there’s little light due to overhangs or landscaping, choose a lighter color door.

A darker color door may be more appropriate for front porches that provide ample lighting, but keep in mind that too much sun exposure can fade your door’s color, requiring more frequent paint touch-ups.

Size of Home

For smaller homes, it’s a brilliant idea to use the same color for your door, trim, window frames, and exterior. Having a monochrome front entry makes the home feel larger, especially if it’s white or lighter. Accessories or exterior accent pieces, like columns, can be painted a contrasting color to really shine on your front porch.

Color Inspiration

Now that we have you thinking about your home’s overall picture, let’s discuss where to find inspiration for the color of the front door you choose.

Look to Nature

Look at your front entry from multiple angles: the street, the sidewalk leading up to your front door, right, and left. Take notice of the natural elements, like trees, bushes, flowers, stone, or concrete paths. Choosing a color that complements these natural elements, like greens, blues, and browns, can create a cohesive color palette.

Your Personality

A bright orange door provides a pop of color against a gray stone home.

Like the rest of your home, your front entry door is often a reflection of you, the homeowner. Choose more neutral colors like deep reds and navy blues if you’re more reserved. If you like to stand out from the crowd, try a pop of bright color—like orange, yellow, or lime green.

Tone and Style of Home

What’s the tone and style of your home? Choose a front door color to complete a unified look. If your home is more modern, bright, fun colors can be appropriate. For traditional homes, stick with neutral whites, grays, or stained wood doors.

Color Options and Their Meanings

Finally, when choosing the right Marvin door replacement for your home from Twin Brook Construction, keep in mind the different meanings of colors. The color you choose can send a specific message to visitors and neighbors, so knowing the differences can be invaluable.

  • Red: Choose a dark red, like Wineberry, to signify that you are warm, welcoming, and sophisticated.
  • Orange: Marvin’s Copper Pearlescent is an orange-toned color that indicates your extroverted and confident nature.
  • Yellow: A yellow door shows you are curious, warm, and happy.
  • Green: Or Evergreen, as Marvin calls it, shows your home is a safe and healthy place.
  • Blue: Cascade Blue is a beautiful choice that indicates you are calm and grounded.
  • Brown: Choosing a front door in the color Suede shows neighbors you are stable and reliable.
  • Black: The Ebony color from Marvin is a classic dark choice that symbolizes control and elegance.
  • Gray: Like Marvin’s Gunmetal, gray relates to intelligence and dignity.
  • White: Stone White or Coconut Cream doors show you are organized and serene.

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