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Six Popular Reasons You Need to Search for ‘Window Companies Near Me’

With home energy costs on the rise, many homeowners wonder whether it’s the right time to keep or replace their windows. A good-fitting, double-pane window—like the premium options we install from Marvin Windows—will help keep your home warm in colder months and cool in the warmer months.

However, before searching for “window companies near me,” consider these six signs that it’s time to keep or replace your windows. Then, contact Twin Brook Construction for all your window repair and replacement needs here in southeastern PA!


When you are near your windows, youll want to listen for the wind whistling through or feel cold air seeping inside your home. Not only will these issues increase your energy bill, but experiencing draftiness also means that it might be time to replace your home’s windows.

You can try to repair them with caulking or weather stripping—or hire an experienced home improvement contractor to do so. Outside your home, caulk between the window molding and the house. Inside the home, you should caulk or place weather stripping around the trim. These minor repairs may provide you with some energy improvements, but window replacements may also be in your future.

Increased Energy Costs

One of the top reasons people search for “window companies near me” is because their energy costs are rising, particularly in colder months. If you notice an outrageously high energy bill, it may be time to get new windows installed to help keep those costs down.

A quick fix may be to place residential window tint over the windows. This tint will help keep warm summer sun rays from entering the home, offers additional privacy, and the window will spider-web when broken instead of shatter. However, window replacement is usually a better, more attractive option in the long run. Contact the trusted professionals at Twin Brook Construction to get a proper window replacement that reduces energy costs.

Existing Windows are Single Pane

If your home has single-pane windows, it’s time to upgrade and replace them with newer windows. Single plane windows offer no insulation, so the outside weather will affect the home’s inside temperature more easily. You may want to consider window replacements that are double-pane or triple-pane.

Triple pane windows are a more expensive home improvement, but have greater durability, reduced sound, and are better insulated against the cold winter air or the hot summer sun. A trustworthy window installer like us here at Twin Brook Construction can replace your single pane windows with more efficient options—even if they are large bay windows.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

If it’s becoming harder to open and close your windows, it may be time to replace them. If your windows were last installed before 1978, the difficulty in opening and closing them could cause dust particles and paint chips with lead to get loose inside your home, contributing to lead poisoning. Consumer Reports suggests hiring a professional in lead-based paint removal for these window replacements.

Problems with Condensation

Another sign that it is time for window replacement is condensation on your windows. If your windows consistently frost in the winter, its time to replace those windows. If your windows are double or triple-pane windows and you notice condensation between the window panes, its time to replace them. Windows that always have moisture on them will eventually lead to rot. They are also not very attractive to look through.

Water-Damaged Windows

Finally, the sixth sign its time for window replacements is water damage. As with the last tip, windows that frequently have condensation will lead to frame rot and water damage.

Leaving windows as-is will only lead to further issues. If water has leaked through the frame, its time to replace the windows. Professionals may repair the rot without replacing the windows, so long as the water has not penetrated through the window.

Consider Twin Brook Construction First Among “Window Companies Near Me”

Suppose your home windows are drafty, causing high energy bills, single pane, challenging to open or close, getting condensation or rotting. In that case, it’s time for you to choose Twin Brook Construction as your premier window-replacement company throughout the Pennsylvania mainline, including West Chester, Wayne, Villanova, Bryn Mawr, and Downingtown, PA.

Using Marvin Windows in your home improvement project allows for higher quality vinyl windows with low maintenance. They will help keep your energy costs down and features many beautiful designs, which is why we only use Marvin Windows and Doors. Contact Twin Brook Construction today to see how they can help you achieve the look of your dreams!